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Private Investigation

The mission is to provide quality investigative services in a timely and confidential manner to the legal, medical, business and government communities and private citizens worldwide. We are dedicated to provide answers and solutions to our client’s needs. Our guiding principles of integrity and high ethical standards will ensure confidence and trust with our clients. At all times our investigators will be honest, just, fair and professional.

Civil Investigation

We specialize in unfaithful husband or wife investigations. Let us end your anxiety and get evidence for court hearings. We are the perfect witness for your case.

Fraud Investigations

conduct tasks within the context of civil and criminal investigations. Fraud investigators look into cases of insurance and credit card fraud, for instance, including interviewing key individuals that may have been involved. We offer services related to worker's compensation investigations throughout the state of Texas We have some of the best Surveillance teams in the state.

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Criminal Investigations

Our Team will collect and interview witnesses. We will also gather evidence by looking for clues on the information collected to dispute your charges If a crime has been committed and your innocent. We will uncover the TRUTH.

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