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Completely Mobile Supervised visitation  


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Line of Sight, Line of Hearing

Supervisors should not leave the parent and child alone for any amount of time. The supervisor should always be able to see and hear the parents-child interactions.


When a supervisor steps in

A visitation or conversation would be cut short wherein the parent talk about their case, talks negatively about the custodial parent, grills the child for information or makes false promises to the child.


Keeping of Records

The supervisor will keep a log of the visits that are supervised and take notes about how each visit goes. They will note each time the visit goes into any inappropriate topics, if the child is injured or if there is any other unusual event.

Our Mission

We Want to provide a safe, comfortable and structured environment for all involved parties, specifically the children.  This is typically not the best scenario for the supervised parent, the custodial parent, and the children. So, we want to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible for everyone. The children should be always everyone’s number one priority, and we can ensure that they are always ours.


  • $65 Per Hour with a 2 hour Minimum

  • $0.60 Per mile outside Tyler city limits

  • Audio/Video taken of visitation is available upon request.

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